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Make the most of your trip to The South Downs and plan accordingly beforehand. Below are a useful list of FAQs to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to check the local weather in the section of route you are walking before you set off and carry a raincoat just in case!

Use our helpful map below and click the toggle in the right-hand corner to view parking, horsebox parking and water taps along the South Downs Way.


How long does the South Downs Way take to walk?

This will depend on how active you are but generally, we like to leave 8 days, walking on average 12 miles per day is a good amount to walk the South Downs Way. Of course, if you are fitter then you can walk it in 5/6 days, or alternatively take your time and explore Hampshire and Sussex and take some rest days. You can also do it over several weekends if you’d rather not walk consecutively for 8 days. Remember that blisters will be common as the path can be firm and you might want to take your time.

Which way should I walk the South Downs Way?

You can either begin in Winchester or Eastbourne and either way is great, but using the South Downs Way Planner and finishing off by walking along the cliffs on your last day and walking at Beachy Head is a particularly impressive route to finish on.

How long is the South Downs Way?

Officially the South Downs Way is 100 miles long, but if you are walking to and from accommodation and lunch spots and any other detours then it’s guaranteed you will walk a lot more than that.

Where should I stay?

At the end of a route section, you will nearly always find a pub or B&B in the village or town in which to stop off. There are also plenty of Airbnb’s and campsites nearby the South Downs Way, and you can get to these by public transport or walk if they aren’t too far. Visit our accommodation page for more information.

Is there somewhere I can store luggage?

South Downs Way Baggage Transfer offers a bagger transfer service and will collect and deliver your bags to your accommodation for a fee. Find out more here.

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