How we Gather Information


Our site serves as a comprehensive guide to the South Downs Way and we produce content on both self-led activities and paid-services. Providing the more helpful and accurate information to our users is deeply important to so we can ensure everyone on the Way has the best experience they can. This article details where we get our information but not how we chose what information is allowed on the site. All content is subject to our Honesty Policy and information sent by users is subject to our Community Guidelines.

Our Honesty Policy

The accuracy and fairness of our information is our highest concern. All content on our site must follow our Honesty Policy that details what information is and isn't fair game. We never allow business to breach our Honesty Policy, even our sponsors. That's how you can know the information here is always the best it can be.

Our Editor's Experience

This site has a multiple editors with experience of travelling across the South Downs Way that fact-check our content for it's authenticity. They're also key to how we choose what information will be most useful to travellers on the Way. Editors typically focus on the activities across the way and plot many of our Routes across the South Downs Way. They're generally less involved with our business listings (they can't visit every pub!) but lend a hand here and their to offer their experience.

Research & Online Sources

Our content is also written and updated by researchers and copywriters who find information from a variety of sources including the Internet. This and our Editor's Experience often work in conjunction with one another to produce the highest quality content on our site.

Community Submitted Content

Much of the information on our site is uploaded by our active community. We're proud to advertise this as our Community is the best possible source for information- they know what's most useful.

All content submitted by the community is subject to moderation under our Community Guidelines.

Business Partners

We partner with local business' across the way so they can upload information directly. Business included in our Local Business Partnership may receive preferential ranking but the information on their pages is 100% accurate. Partnering with businesses allows them to keep their page updated with the most up-to-date information quicker than we could.

The information submitted by businesses is subject to moderation under our Honesty Policy. The headlines: businesses must be honest and not mislead our users. We never allow businesses to alter or delete negative reviews.